Sunday, May 6, 2018

Life Sux

It has been a week since our daughter left. We are getting back into our routine, boat jobs, daily living chores, and work.  

Steve fixed a few nicks in our Portland Pudgy dinghy, Putz Sea. Don't get the wrong idea, the PP is very difficult to damage, but it does live a rugged life with us. From time to time it gets dinged up.  

Repairs are manageable, he simply bought a few plastic hangers, heated one with a heat gun, heated the damaged surface and melted the two together.  He then heats a flat tool to smooth the surface. It is as easy as that!

Steve has also been varnishing the cockpit.  After varnishing the caprails he has caught the varnish bug and is slowly tackling the other wood surfaces.  I have to say I prefer it varnish, but it is a lot of work to maintain and I'm certainly not volunteering to assist.  Hahah

I have been spending time at local establishments during the day working online.  I enjoy my alone time off the boat and allowing Steve to do the things he enjoys.. like boat work..

Every morning Steve makes coffee and we sit around reading the daily events on our devices. We have a little breakfast and listen to the morning net on the VHF.  Then he turns the Honda 2000 generator on, that he runs for an hour each day, and watermaker, which he runs for seven hours a day since it makes a little over a gallon an hour. I wipe down seat cushions and surfaces. Then sweep the cabin and bathroom. I then spray the cushions with lysol.. I'm afraid I have become a lysol addict.Then he takes me ashore so I can work and he returns to the boat to do his work.  Doesn't that sound like we are living an exciting life. Hahah

Well I did skip how I wash a load of clothes in two buckets in the kitchen sink twice a week.  And of course there is shopping for groceries. We do that a few times a week.

 Had to sneak in some pics of my lil GMan

We also visit the veterinary.  We have him processing Schooner's Rabies Titer test to complete the paperwork needed for her to receive her EU Passport.  Once it is completed we will head to the Honduran Bay Islands. We expect this to happen around the first of June.

That is all for now folks.. until next time be good to yourself and Others..

Monday, April 30, 2018

Photo dump of Daughter's visit part 2

More more pictures

Took her sight seeing and of course she attract men  lol 😄 in fact she seemed to get lots of attention every where we went.  I was congratulated for having such a beautiful daughter by tons of local men  haha